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Incepted in the year 2020, Taj Exports was set up as a sole proprietorship in Hyderabad. Since then we have been engaged in the manufacture and wholesaler of a wide range of fine quality Frozen Chicken, Prawns, Onion, Wheat. All products offered by us are acquired from the best vendors in the industry known for their healthy products. These acquired meats are processed efficiently in our well maintained and advanced processing units. Our products are widely used in the food & catering industry and also for domestic uses. Customers prefer our products for their rich taste, freshness and clean & safe meats. All products are duly screened for quality and freshness prior to their dispersal to the client premises. The professionals employed in the processing and sale of these products are highly qualified and skilled selected after strict analysis of their qualifications and relevance to the company.

Our well maintained and large capacity warehouses are the major contributors to our efficiency of delivering the finest products to our clients. These warehouses sustain the required conditions and temperature to keep the product quality from unwanted alterations. Further our fine quality packaging material keeps these products safe from negative quality alterations. The packaging materials used by us are tamper proof, water resistant, safe, non-toxic and air locked. Together, each unit in the company ensures the smooth functioning of the company through their cooperative operation. Some of our most talented and qualified professionals are heading these units and allocating the resources of our company for its higher output and productivity. Our infrastructural facility is updated with time to keep ourselves rising in the business and establishing ourselves further.

The efficient leadership and guidance of Mr. S.D. Abdul Samad has led us to achieve new levels of success in the industry. His policies and plans have always motivated our team to exhibit higher work efficiency.


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